“Design to create the life that you want… not the one you feel a need to change.” ~Clarice Smyth

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Spring is rapidly approaching and, in spite of any challenges you face, life moves swiftly forward. If you have a goal and plan in place you increase the chances that the forward movement aligns with your life vision.

Maybe you want to sell your property for the most money possible. You are financially and emotionally ready to make the improvements necessary to get your property sold and reap max *ROI. But now you find you are not tackling this challenge because you don’t know where to start.

The real estate market is always competitive. There is either a scramble for qualified buyers or for quality properties.  The era has long passed when you can pitch a sign up in the yard and expect your property to sell itself.

Here are strategies that you can implement to ensure your property is ready for the real estate market challenge…..and a few bonus tips.

Preparing your property for sale can include home improvements and staging. Staging is sometimes bringing in all new furnishings and at other times it is working with what the seller already owns. Both solutions have their unique set of challenges but you should choose a design professional that knows how to successfully address your property needs.

  1. RESEARCH. Find a knowledgeable design professional and schedule a meeting. Discuss with them what your timeline, budget, and any defined intentions you have in regards to home improvements.
  2. The design professional will, based on the details of your situation, put together a plan, timeline, and estimated investment. The design professional may create both an improvement and staging plan or an improvement plan only or a staging plan only, depending your needs. The risk of doing this process on your own can result in putting your resources into the wrong improvements, going over budget, and failing to create the competitive edge you need to attract the right buyers. 
  3. SET A DEADLINE Once you and your design professional have finalized the plan of action, harness your energy and move swiftly forward. Momentum and progress is lost if you work at it or dabble instead of focusing and getting the tasks done. Your plan will be broken down into specific goals and milestones with a defined completion date. Your design professional will hold you accountable so stay positive and open to inquiries and critiques.
  4. LIST YOUR PROPERTY. Once the plan is completed list your property for sale. If the design professional your are working with is also a Realtor® then have them execute the process of listing, marketing, and selling your property. If that is not the case then locate and list your property with a Realtor® of your choice


  1. OBJECTIVITY: Look at your property with objectivity. Imagine you are seeing your property for the first time. Is it too sparse, too cluttered, dusty, or looking a bit tired. Identify the issues and devise a plan to correct them. 
  2. ASSESS: Assess what is working about the property and what is not. Add, remove, or rework furnishings or features  in order to create the optimal space and property. Keep in mind that the goal is not to create a sparse and sterile space that leaves potential buyers cold and disconnected. The goal is to create a moment, an emotional connection between the potential buyer and the property. This is accomplished by creating a space the potential buyers can imagine themselves living in and a lifestyle that they dream of owning. 
  3. MOVE IT:: Move all unnecessary items from the property. Either sell, give away, donate, throw away, or store unneeded items. No matter where you put them on the property it will not make a positive impression to potential buyers. If you keep your extra stuff where it is, your property will appear cluttered and overly personalized. If you pack it up in the closets, garage, or back yard storage building it will send the loud message to the potential buyers that the space is too small and that there is not enough storage.
  4. MAINTAIN: Clean, clean, and clean some more.Keep the property clean and in good order.  It takes focused effort and remembering it is a short term commitment for long term benefit.                                                    It is very common to become comfortable in our own mess and find ourselves shrinking back when we come in contact with someone else’s. Someone that cleans up accidents from their own pets on a daily basis will suddenly be offended by your not so fresh litter box or that missed dribble of toothpaste left in the sink. From the day your property is live on the market to the moment you hand the deed over at closing – KEEP YOUR PROPERTY CLEAN AND MAINTAINED.
  5. CURB APPEAL: Be aware that it takes more than a pretty interior to sell your property. Curb appeal counts. If you can’t get the potential buyer excited enough to set an appointment they won’t care what the inside looks like. Set the stage with an eye catching landscape that draws the attention of potential home purchasers and makes them want to take the next step.
  6. TIME: Start the research and implementation of your home improvements now. If you delay and cut the timeline too short it will lead to extra costs and frustrations. Based on the design plan, the design professional has estimated how long it will take for completion. Always, allow a little contingency in the schedule for unexpected delays. It is better to finish with time to stand back and acknowledge a job well done that delay and be too overwhelmed to appreciate your hard work and efforts. Schedule your design profession as soon as you know you want to sell.

I hope you find these strategies and tips helpful. If you are thinking about selling your property and need to a design professional to assist you please reach out to me here or my website . I will be more than happy to assist you with your property needs in person, if you are in my area, or virtually if you live outside my area but would still like to work with me. I offer both design assistance and turnkey design services.

ROI – Return on investment





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