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“Design to create the life that you want… not the one you feel a need to change.” ~Clarice Smyth



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Warmer weather has arrived and is inducing us all with the longing for beaches, sand, and sun. Whether you are fortunate  enough to live on the beach or just want to recreate that sophisticated and  relaxing atmosphere, I have created he perfect Cozy Beach Family Room design board to get you inspired. This design is versatile enough work well for a living room, family room, or great room. 

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The color scheme is reminiscent of the sea, sand, and coral. The watery blues and greens are calming, while the coral induces a pop of color to bring life into the space. The rest of the palette provides a neutral backdrop that supports our eye-catching color scheme.  

Sea Horse
Flamingo 012 Panels
Spring Sea 1
Spring Sea 2


Art is extremely important to any space. Art can be paintings, sketches, murals, featured paper, wall sculptures, textile hangings, etc.

In our Design Board space other art will be added but this piece is suggested to be the feature piece. This is a beautiful and vibrant wall panel based on artist John James Audubon (1785-1851.)  Installed, measurements are 56.1 W x 5.90 High. There are so many options for installation, depending on the space and preferences. 

Botanical Silhouette 2
Bjorn Rug
Beacon Rug
Davidson II - Navy
Indigo Design Gradient Rug


Generally at the beach, or just based on current design trends, floors are tile, wood, or some wood material esthetic. These choices are great for hypoallergenic reasons and ease of cleaning.

However, we all like a bit of soft comfort under our feet when we settle in to entertain or relax. To carry on with our water element this rug is a mix of etherial blues and greens. It is 100% jute, medium pile, and hand knotted.  It is available in four shades but this one is perfect for a cozy beach family room.

Colt 2 Piece Sectional
Lounge Chair
Dining/Occasional Chair
Round Floor Cushion


Seating in any space is vastly important. Allow enough seating to gather with friends and comfortable enough for family to sprawl out for popcorn and and movies. 

Seating for this cozy beach family room must offer versatility and comfort. This 2 piece sectional, available in left or right facing arm, is upholstered in a poly/linen blend which is important for cleaning and durability at the beach. The design offers ample seating and sprawling out room and has subtly flared sides with a covered plinth. The color is Aldred Silver, it is available in other colors,  and provides the perfect neutral background to showcase all your seasonal pillows and textiles. 

The  rattan chairs with their curved lines add a graceful addition to this cozy beach design. They are a sturdy rattan in ample proportions that allow for comfort. The lounge chair is perfect seating for the living space and  the dining chairs are the perfect compliment in the dining room or as additional seating when pulled into the main living area. 

The large floor cushions are great for the little ones or stack ed to  rest weary feet upon.  Best of all they are machine washable for a busy beach lifestyle., 

Bleached Walnut Coffee Table
Jute Basket Side Table
Folha Water-Hyacinth Side Table
Brushed Brass Side Table


Surfaces are super important. Surfaces provide the ability to display decorative items,  hold necessary things, sit a drink, or eat a meal.

In this cozy beach family room our focus is on tables – coffee table and side tables. One element that can be found near the beach is wood either as nearby trees or pieces washed up on the beach. 

The ones chosen for this space are a mix of bleached walnut, jute or  water-hyacinth, and brushed brass with ash glass.  The tables add structure and curves like ocean worn glass and  drift wood. The materials harken back to the beach, but are sturdy and easy to move out of the way for an impromptu game of retro-Twister. The brushed brass side table is reminiscent of the lost treasures that wait to be discovered beneath the ocean waves. 

Mill Large Globe Lantern Brushed Silver
Sailaway Table Lamp
Fishbone Floor Lamp
Sea Urchin Table Lamp
Orleans Table Lamp
Fairwater Pendant


Lighting creates the mood of a space and to a large degree its a mood you can control. Light should be included to address ambient, task, and accent lighting needs. Choose a mix of materials and finishes for lighting fixtures keeps the space interesting and not too matchy-match.  

To stage center of the room is this large burnished silver globe that casts a soft light throughout the space.

The terra-cotta table lamp  with distressed white crackle finish and natural rope detail offer addition texture to the space without leaning too far rustic. 

The spa blue lamp with the sea urchin detail base and linen shade, not only distribute the needed light source,  but is the perfect compliment to the brushed brass table it adorns. 

Blue Multi-Color Pillow
Heirloom Terra Cotta Pillow
Sea Life Pillow
Moon Pillow
Coral Pillow in Ivory
Pentelho Throw
Perferated Bowl
Rond Agate Coasters (4)
Jute Balls Set
Medium Petrified Wood Sculptural
Petrified Wood Sculpture
Looking Glass Sculpture
Small White Washed Ladder
Large Crab Sculpture
Large Tanoak Blanket Ladder
Ata Pillow
Lake Throw Pillow
Indigo Offset Pillow
Cotton Slub Throw
Cotton Woven Striped Throw
Cotton Woven Throw
Arlecchino Dove Throw
Sea Elixir Crystal Candle


Accessories are the finishing touch of a space and serves a multitude of purposes. Accessories create a completed look, are used to distribute form, color, or texture throughout a space, and draw the eye around the space giving it better overall interest. 

Throw pillows are a very important accessory and can be changed seasonally to give a new look on a reasonable budget. Tablescapes adorned with a mix of height, materials, and textures are best. Accessories can be useful or just visually pleasing. 

To carry on with the Cozy Beach Family Room theme a variety of cushions were selected. There is the blue with multi-colored stripes pillow at the back, which repeat the sea/water element. Next is the linen terra cotta pillow, which reads as a solid but has beautiful texture. Accenting the pillow stack is  a vibrant sea life on 100% linen. To carry the golden yellow across the room this moon pillow rests against the cotton blank in the arm chair. 

The tables scapes for the cozy beach family room were created by choosing accessories carefully. The perforated porcelain  bowl holds a set of jute balls, offering a juxtaposition of color and texture. A petrified wood sculpture adds height and, again, a natural element. The large crab sculpture carries the metal detail to the center of the seating area and very much fits the beach theme. Agate coasters function to hold a drink, protect the tabletop, and bring a colorful and natural element into the space.  What could be more fitting for our room that this three piece (sold separately) looking glass sculpture.  Finally a large and small white washed tanoak ladders provide the perfect place to hang all those cozy blankets. You will know exactly where to find your favorite blanket when you want to gaze at the moon on the water but the breeze is a bit too cool. 

SAND copy
French Linen Sheers


Cozy Beach Design can have many interpretations. It can include the use of with  vivid blues or soft hues of watery blues and greens. The design can be very subtle, strongly nautical, or even kitschy. 

The Cozy Beach Family Room is designed to be reminiscent of the sea, sand, air, and coral. It is a sophisticated yet comfortable beach design.   

These elements and furnishing that I have curated will work in many spaces, depending on how you decide to execute them.  Of course, as I created this design board, a clear design vision came to mind. If you are interested in local or virtual design services, regarding this or other design visions, schedule your complimentary discovery call for more information.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. 





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