“Design to create the life that you want… not the one you feel a need to change.” ~Clarice Smyth





It’s just paint….an easy change…

Whenever I hear someone say “if you don’t like it…It’s only paint and an easy fix ” I cringe. This is the most often touted cliché I have ever heard.

It is simply not true !

It is true that it is only paint but it is not true that it is always a simple fix or an inexpensive one. Paint can be very expensive and professional painters can be even more so. It can cost thousands of dollars to have a professional repaint the interior of the home and a small fortune to purchase quality paint.

If your skill set does not include the knowledge and experience of how to prepare and properly paint a space I would suggest you DO NOT undertake this project. It can cost considerable to correct a bad painting job. Consider the issues of using the wrong preparation and paint on a surface, paint drips and splatters over trim and floors, bad paint lines at ceilings and moldings…… these are not in significant problems.

However if you do possess the experience and the skills to paint a space or are having a professional do it for you ….this is my favorite paint “color”

In the design world designers are separated by the great divide, meaning I large percentage believe that color should be on the walls and another large percentage believe that color should be in the furnishings and accessories. The remaining percentage believe that color should be everywhere or nowhere at all.

It is my belief and my practice to maximize the use of a neutral pure white on the walls and ceiling’s. Pure white will allow all other colors within the space such as the hardware, furnishings, accessories, and artwork to be vibrant. White allows takes full advantage of natural light, minimizes the need to repaint in order to stay current or on trend, and facilitates the change of hardware, furnishings, accessories, and artwork without worrying about the walls.


white paint

All whites are not equal. Choose your color, yes even white, very carefully.
All colors have undertones that will either work or clash with your chosen hardware, furnishings, accessories, and artwork.
If you are on board with this design philosophy and would like to give it a try, I recommend a true  neutral white. 
In rooms that have a ceiling plane use eggshell on walls and ceiling flat on the ceiling.
In any rooms that the walls peek with no ceiling use matte or eggshell only.
If the walls are average with minor imperfect eggshell is best because you can easily wipe off smudges.
If the walls are of your home are highly textured or imperfect use matte as Matte as it downplays these issues.

Now choose your color scheme and properly scaled furnishings and accessories.

BUT ……regardless which side of the painted divide you stand on, here are a few tips to help you achieve your painting goals.

Do a test color swatch. Inconsistent blotches of paint on your wall will not tell you what you need to know. It is best go to your home improvement store, or check your garage, for 2′ x 2′ piece of sheetrock or whatever the material that you’re planning to paint.

This method allows you to move the test swatches around the space and look at it at different times of the day and near existing furnishings and finishes. It gives you something to take with you as a sample once you have made your color choice.

Also, by keeping the swatch on a separate board, it avoids paint build up of paint and color on your wall. Wall swatches will show through as a slightly different texture than the rest of the painted wall due to the additional layers of product.

Preparation of your space is key. Use the proper techniques and tools. This may include painters tape, drop cloths, surface preparation, and repairs.

Decide if you will paint your space yourself or if you will hire a professional.

If you are going to paint it yourself, make sure you have done your research or already possess the skills and experience to do a professional job.

If you need design assistance in picking or creating a color scheme please visit out Contact page and schedule your complimentry Discovery Call. 




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