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SOMETIMES it is what you don’t know that can cost you the most money. In this video, I share 8 Reasons why should never sell For Sale By Owner.  

Selling For Sale By Owner can leave you vulnerable to the unknown and result in you leaving money on the table. Watch through to the end so you are informed and know How to Sell Successfully.

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Why You Should Never Sell Your Own Home

What are For Sale By Owner opening their door to when they try to sell their own home?

never sell your home

Tire Kickers

You Should Never Sell Your Own Home?

For Sale By Owners, on average, have a higher percentage of curious lookers compared to qualified serious potential home buyers.

never sell your home

How For Sale By Owners Pocket Less Money

Why you should never sell your own home

For Sale By Owners sell for less, nationally, than a Realtor assisted transactions

For Sale By Owners don’t pocket more money when you cut the sales price in order to compete. Also, buyers will reduce their offer by the amount they think you are “saving” by selling it yourself.

No Representation and Fewer Offers

For Sale By Owners do not have exclusive representation in a transaction with an agent represented buyer

For Sale By Owners listing attract fewer offers than agent-listed properties

Buyers aren’t looking to negotiate with  For Sale By Owners, they are looking for a deal


never sell your home

For Sale By Owner Challenges

For Sale By Owners experience challenges in these areas: (a few of the many  examples)

  • Preparing Property For Sale
  • Setting Price
  • Selling within their desired time frame
  • Negotiating
  • Navigating the selling & closing process
  • Completing necessary paperwork

The Key to Selling Your Home and Property

List your home and property with a Realtor you trust. 

Your Realtor has a wider market reach than a homeowner. Your Realtor is a professional who will represent and negotiate for you in your best interest. Your Realtor will prequalify the buyers before showing your home and property.  Your Realtor will design specific strategies to prepare and market your home and property. Your Realtor will seek to sell your home and property for the highest market value, in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of inconvenience to you. 

What Realtors do for you:

  • Real Estate Experience
  • Increase exposure to large real estate networks
  • Exclusive representation in the negotiation and sales process 
  • Increase exposure to 88% and higher of active home buyers 
  • Inclusion in the MLS
  • Increase exposure to 88% and higher of active home buyers 
  • Qualify potential buyers
  • Comparative Market Analysis on your home and property
  • Schedule and or show property to potential buyers
  • Act as the neutral buffer between you and the buyer making it easier to negotiate without fear of offending or hurt causing feelings
  • Real Estate For Sale Sign by Trusted Company
  • Bluetooth Lockbox Security
  • Ongoing market review and current value feedback
  • Photos and virtual tours
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Staging plan and advice is offered by some Realtors ( I offer you a FREE staging package)
  • To name a few of the benefits of listing your home with a Realtor…. 

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