Real Estate Staging vs Interior Design

REAL ESTATE STAGING VS INTERIOR DESIGN STAGING vs INTERIOR DESIGN What is the difference between Staging and Interior Design? Would you immediately recognize which is which? It is not easy to tell the difference between Staging and Interior Design if you do not know what sets them apart. Staging is ALL ABOUT THEM and removing your personal design preferences in order to appeal to a broad market of potential buyers. Interior Design is ALL ABOUT YOU and creating a space that is both functional and reflects all of your personal design preferences. So let’s talk about it and clear up any misconceptions.

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MARKET OR BUYERS MARKET? SELLERS MARKET VERSUS BUYER MARKET? In this video, I discuss what these terms mean and what you need to know to navigate this crazy Real Estate Market to your best results.

Why You Should Never Sell Your Own Home

Why You Should Never Sell Your Own Home For Sale By Owners sell for less, nationally, than a Realtor assisted transactions For Sale By Owners don’t pocket more money when you cut the sales price in order to compete. Also, buyers will reduce their offer by the amount they think you are “saving” by …

eXp Realtor proprty value

People always ask me what their property value is in today’s market. I am sharing a quick link that will give you an estimate.
If you would like a more in depth market analysis, I will be happy to help you. I offer a FREE STAGING PACKAGE to my sellers. – Just Call, Email, or PM me.


Is White Paint Best For Interior Design? White paint is best for interiors in my design opinion.
It’s just paint….an easy change…
Whenever I hear someone say “if you don’t like it…It’s only paint and an easy fix” I cringe. This is the most often touted cliché I have ever heard.

Easy lighting design ideas

EASY LIGHTING DESIGN IDEAS THAT WILL UPDATE YOUR HOME Lighting design ideas that will update your home when you need to do it yourself.
Any home or any design style can benefit from a professional lighting plan, but these can be expensive.


THINKING OF SELLING – WHAT’S YOUR MARKET VALUE 2021-2022? This is great news for homeowners looking to sell. Of course, timing is important, as always, and summer is winding to a close. If you are considering selling and want to know the current market value of your home CLICK