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I recently worked on a home for Clarice building 4- Faux beams for a sloped ceiling , along with installing a wood ceiling using pre-finished T&G flooring and other various projects within the living room area.
As a builder & remodeling contractor of over 31 years I found Clarice to be very detailed orientated and she had a very solid grasp of the final look she wanted me to achieve in this design.
I was also impressed with her knowledge of the building process and as interior designer I feel that is critical in the ability to communicate with a builder. In other words we were on the same page in terms of the thinking process in getting the work done exactly as she had envisioned. Clarice was very professional and I found her to be have excellent communication skills in getting her directive across, which made my job that much easier. I am pleased to have worked with her and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to make changes in their home. Keen perception and understanding of the end product is critical when implementing a new interior design and I plan to pass along her services to any of my clients in the future who are seeking a clear direction for any of their home design needs.
Mike Gervais,
CrossWorks Carpentry,
Lawrenceville, GA 30043


My husband and I reached out to Clarice to redesign our home and we were immensely happy with the results. She redesigned and pulled everything together, making our odd floor plan actually work well for the first time. After My husband passed away, I decided to downsize. I had Clarice stage my home and it sold in one day! She then help me sort through my things and sourced ways for me to sell unneeded items. She made a very difficult time for me go smoother than I could have hoped.

I can't say enough for what she has done for me and how grateful I am for her design talent hard work .
Ila A.


Thanks for your help with staging/redesigning of our home. It was a big task but it was well worth the work. You have great ideas, vision, and certainly work hard and long hours for your clients. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to others. I hope when our home sells we will be able to work together on a new home. Thank You
Karen S.


Not long ago I received a call to estimate finishing an entire basement. The framing for the rooms had already been put in place, but for the new homeowners, the current layout was not conducive for their plans to have an "in-law" living space for their basement. They inquired to have the space re-designed to have a single bedroom with a walk-in closet and adjacent bathroom, a large living room and kitchen combination. That's when I reached out to Clarice for her expertise. After having met with the homeowners and providing a very detailed proposal on a design that was not only functional and inviting, but also required just a modest modification to the current layout, with the homeowner approval, my work began. Needless to say, when the work was completed, the project exceeded the homeowner's expectations and they without question were very pleased to have hired Clarice for her design expertise. Clarice will always be my "go-to" when it comes to having another project requiring a specific design. She is very thorough and quality is of the utmost priority to her in achieving the final goal. Thanks Clarice!
Mike Gervais, CrossWorks Carpentry,
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
"You become authentic by eliminating all that is not."
~Clarice Smyth



Fairhope, Alabama 36533