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Great interior design is always custom and never merely a new shade of cliché.

Clarice Smyth Design is a custom residential, small business, private business, and real estate relate design specialist.

We have created custom traditional to modern interiors that are elegant and sophisticated for private clients, including condos, homes, entrepreneur offices, small businesses, and private business offices.

Clarice Smyth Design is proud to offer both on-site and Virtual, and remote Interior Design services along the Alabama Gulf  Coast. Our passion for design is fueled by our passion for people. 

We have developed an exclusive design programming process that ensures our client’s interior design needs, their design style, and how they truly desire to live their lives are revealed. 

The right design results in beautifully functional spaces that serve needs, provide comfort and are esthetically pleasing. 

The right design eliminates the feelings of frustration and overwhelm within our spatial environments, be it home or work.  When it’s just right we don’t default to needlessly blaming or forced coping.  In which case, we fail to realize that it is the actual spatial environment that magnifies the negative reactions, resulting in added emotional and physical stress. Who needs that?

We are always excited to empower others to design their lives. 

As an Interior Design Professional, I work with clients to bring their design vision to reality. 

As a Life Interior Designer, I work with my clients to authentically design their spatial environment so that their spaces are functional, beautiful, and congruent to the life they desire to live.

As a Life Interior Design Coach, I work with my clients to empower them to recognize, take charge, and continue to take the necessary steps to authentically design their space in a way that reflects how they want to live. 

Clarice Smyth Design actively seeks new design materials, processes, artists, and artisans to ensure that we are creatively evolving.

We are inspired by great designs of the past, current designs, and future trends. We work hard and continue to hone our craft, ensuring we are equipped to meet the scope of all our client’s design projects.

Clarice Smyth Design offers a multi-faceted design experience to our clients. We tap into our vast sources for the perfect furnishings for our clients.  We work collaboratively with artists and artisans to commission custom art and furnishings to realize our clients’ design aspirations.

Whether you envision a redesign, renovation, remodel, or complete custom build – let’s have a meeting of creative minds and Design Your Life. 

Contact us to learn more about our Design services: Interior Design, Life Design, Life Design Coaching,  DIY Consultations, Builder & Contractor Consultations. and a variety of real estate-related services.

Explore our design services in the dropdown menu or Contact us today to learn more about all of our services and allow us to… Empower You to Design Your Life. 

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"My passion for design is fueled by my passion for people."
~Clarice Smyth



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