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What is My YouTube Channel Mission

My Gift to You


Why a YouTube Channel ?

My Gift to you, my channel mission, and my purpose. That is what I want to chat with you about today. I launched this channel and uploaded a Channel Launch Video Collection of 7 videos, including a Channel Intro video and this one. 

I share valuable information about Interior Design and Real Estate. My goal is that every video delivers value-packed information with actionable steps you can take to design your spaces for the life you want to experience.

Hello Powerful People!
Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog. Where I share …EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE

The first time the idea of starting a YouTube channel was in 2013.

It has literally taken me years to commit to doing this – for a variety of reasons. But…  HERE WE GO!

I recently launched my YouTube channel and uploaded a Channel Launch Video Collection/Playlist of 7 videos – including a Channel Intro video and My Channel Purpose – related to this blog post. If you haven’t … be sure to go watch that one.

You have watched all (Please Please & Thank You)  of my Channel Launch Video Collection – Right ? (Imagine me smiling happily – Of you did)

With the launch videos, I wanted to give you an introduction to the style and type of content I plan to share with you.   I hope you found these videos valuable and that I have given you several good reasons to SUBSCRIBE and go on this journey with me.

My goal is that every video delivers value-packed information with actionable steps you can take to design your life… AND it is truly just a peek.

I have so much great content planned.

But in this blog, I want to share my why and purpose behind my YouTube channel. I want to telll you what I want to give to you and What I get out of it.


My Passion

My passion is to encourage, enlighten, and empower every viewer with the inspiration, knowledge, and confidence to take control of their homes and spaces, and stop the never-ending cycle of chasing the elusive next trend, fad, or what is popular.

Confidence doesn’t copy – it creates.

When you are empowered with all the fundamentals, you can build your skills and finally create a home or space that is not only highly functional for you but also beautiful and stylish. A space that brings you personal joy on many levels.

Interior Design

Interior Design – overall – can seem out of reach for some people. This can be due to budget but it can also be a result of a lack of confidence or design knowledge. We see the celebrity homes Social Platforms are filled with lux designed spaces, beautiful but not always attainable or practical for everyone. 

After seeing these examples we may be able to copy the designs to a certain extent. But we still don’t actually know how to design our spaces in a functional and esthetic way that works for us. 

If your space feels off, not quite the right fit, you may have done this.

Is your space always perfect? Do you actually live in the space and enjoy it or is it just for show? Do you ban your family from certain rooms or furniture pieces?

Share below if you can. I’d love to know.  

Impacts of Interior Design

Design impacts every part of our life.

Home is where love and life happen, now more than ever. Extended home time has resulted in more “me time” and more “family we time”. 

We have discovered things that work or don’t work within our spaces.  

We may not understand exactly why our spaces aren’t working for us, but admit there are undeniable issues that manifest into the frustration and irritation we feel just living everyday life in them.  This can be the point where overwhelm enters the picture.

This can be due to Mental Congruence which is usually associated with public spaces but it applies to our private spaces as well.

Mental Congruence is when a person truly believes that a particular spatial pattern or plan, or lack thereof,  is accommodating their values, needs, and lifestyle. 

This belief is held even when their mental perception is at disconnected from the actual physical environment they occupy and how it fails to serve their needs and preferences.

In other words, it is possible to become so used to or adapted to the living conditions of a space that we cannot think or imagine things in a different way than what we perceive they are at that moment. Basically, it is possible to become blind to the reality of your space.

If this sounds familiar watch 8 Signs it’s time to redesign. I believe you will benefit from its content.

 What does all of this have to do with this channel and me….


What to Expect

My channel video content includes one or a combination of both Interior Design and Real Estate – with the common denominator being the place we call home.
This channel is for anyone who is interested in learning more about interior design. This channel is about sharing design information that is meant to inspire you to become more knowledgeable in how you design your spaces – custom to you.
It’s about sharing the tools you need to sell or buy your next home, or just making your current homework its best for you. It is about equipping you to work through the design process with confidence. The ultimate takeaway is that my mission for this channel is to EMPOWERING YOU TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE.
Also, I talk a lot about the WHY and your WHY.
What is my WHY for starting this channel and simply giving away all the design knowledge that took years to gain?
I’ll share the short version: I share a personal example of my WHY in my video if you are curious. But I wanted to stay focused here on the blog.

What I believe

I believe that when we are equipped with the right knowledge we are armed and empowered to change our lives and the lives of those we love.
This is where my motto orginated for  – My passion – EMPOWERING YOU TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE

So What do I want to give you?

My design and real estate knowledge, the encouragement to believe you can, the confidence to try… and I want to give you everything I am capable of sharing with you to literally EMPOWER YOU TO DESIGN YOUR LIFE – The life you envision.
Whatever that looks like for you …whether your budget is large or small.
If I can encourage, enlighten, or empower one person to take the steps – even small steps- to improve their daily life by taking control of their space,

Then that – all of those – any one of those – is enough reason for me to share my design and real estate knowledge with anyone who will spend their precious time watching my videos.

It’s taken me literally y-e-a-r-s to finally put myself on YouTube. In my research, I didn’t see design channels that approached design or real estate in the same way I view it – so I thought perhaps I have something different to offer, a different perspective- a different way of sharing content—hopefully, valuable content – with you.
It is important to me to communicate to you – my potential viewer- my WHY and my PURPOSE.

To say I am here – I plan to be here – because I have a passion to help people looking for design information and I want to share what I know in the hopes it will empower you to design your life… the life you envision.
I aim to share valuable content with you weekly. The process of making videos for YouTube is new to me – I ask for grace. As I become more comfortable in front of the camera and behind it – I hope and expect my video quality and content to improve over time.

It would mean so much to me if you SUBSCRIBE and become part of our new community of Powerful People. It will help to grow my channel… but more importantly…. by growing this community together – you and me- we can reach and empower more people to design their life. …..and you can be part of it from the beginning.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support, I’ll see you in the next one.

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I Hope To See You On YouTube

I hope you will check out my YouTube Launch Video Library and that you find the content valuable to you.
If you do please Subscribe,
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and share it if you are willing and let’s Empower some more people.
YouTube really likes it when this happens.


If you are looking to work with a designer to design your space, CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary call with me, I would love to work with you to create your next design project. I offer local and virtual design services. 

 If you are considering selling your property in Alabama, I would love to help you achieve that goal. Ask me about how to get a FREE Staging Plan when you list with me.

Not every project should be a DIY and that certainly applies to selling your property. I am here for you. 

Be sure and leave your thoughts in the comments below on what videos you would be interested in watching.  





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